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minimalist & mom of 4
min·i·mal·ist \ mĭn′ə-mə-lĭst : 
1. one who advocates a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity
2. one who lives a life full of love, laughter and fulfillment while managing time for themselves, a marriage, kids and a job... and doing it all without going crazy
are you a minimalist?
This question has been asked of me over the years and took me awhile to identify with. Yes, my life is sparse and simple. Yes, everything in my home has it’s place. Yes, I have very little furniture. And yes, I’m usually focused and present. But a minimalist…well, I guess that is what you would call it. 

So here I am, a minimalist, living with my husband and 4 boys in the country. We are many miles from modern conveniences and have chickens, goats and dogs. Life is simple and lovely. 

I’m committed to helping others find the same simplicity. Minimalism creates space... and that space allows you to be present, gives you time to listen to your heart and your loved ones and the ability to create your best life.
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